BreamThe “fun in the sun fish” is the bream, often called a “sunny.” It tugs hard and is easy to catch on a light action rig with a small hook, split shot, and a worm. Bream cruise shallow banks and bite best in bright sun.

If your fishing partners are youngsters, try fishing for bream. They are easy to find and catch. Most are found in less than four feet deep along almost any bank that has sand, rocks or fallen trees. A piece of worm, attached to a small hook, split shot and a bobber placed a foot or two above the bait is all you need. Bream usually swim in small schools. So when you catch one, there should be more. For best results, fan cast the area from deep to shallow before moving down the bank.

Tips from Capt. Gus: Bream love to hangout around boat ramps.

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