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September is off to a good start with lots of bass, catfish and white perch biting for late season anglers fishing Lake Norman. It’s still going to be hot, so fish early and late. Not only will it be cooler but the bite is better as well.

Bass will still be in their summer pattern, so anglers fishing deep docks/boathouses, river points and underwater humps should fare well. Yearling spotted bass can be found surface feeding through-out the day on shallow points and certain back coves.

Catfish will remain in the main river channel until water temperatures begin to cool. The blue catfish are suspending just above the theromocline usually thirty to 50 feet below the surface. Three places to try are: channel marker 1A to Cowans Ford Dam – the triangle between markers 3, D1, and D2 – and the triangle formed by channel markers 11, 12, and 13. Cut baits are best and everyone has a favorite; but shad, bream and perch are popular as are chunks of chicken breasts marinated in garlic powder.

White Perch can be found along points and in deep coves. Most are schooling in water twenty to fifty deep. Jigging spoons and Sabiki rigs are preferred, but live crappie minnows will tempt them to. Note: there is no size or creel limit on white perch in Lake Norman.

Hybrid Striped Bass are hitting lures trolled along the edge of the river channel north of the Highway 150 Bridge.

Live baits and spoons jigged in the same areas are catching hybrids as well. But if, they aren’t in tight schools trolling is best. Note: The creel limit for hybrids is four in aggregate with striped bass, each of which must a minimum of sixteen inches long.

Tips From Capt. Gus:

Before you hit the lake check to see if your fishing license is current. If not you go to: to renew or purchase for the first time.

See you out there!

Capt. Gus  

Capt. Gus Gustafson of Lake Norman Ventures, Inc. is an Outdoor Columnist and a full time Professional Fishing Guide on Lake Norman, NC. Visit his website at or call 704-617-6812.