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June is a great month to catch spotted and largemouth bass. Schooling activity will occur most days over humps and on river points. Fish the shade for largemouth bass. Best bets are docks, boat houses and lay downs. The lures of choice will be soft plastics, top water and crank baits.

Water temperatures will continue to rise as June lengthens, by months end expect lake temps. to be pushing 90 degrees. That’s why the best bite will early, late and after dark.

Best locations for largemouth will be above the Highway 150 Bridge, spotted bass are the dominate black bass south of 150 to the dam.

May was a fabulous month for hybrid striped bass. June will find them in deep water, mainly along the river and creek channels. Best baits are spoons, bucktails, A-rigs, chicken parts, mussels and live baits.

Big schools of perch are locating on river points on both sides of the 150 bridge. Most will be taken in water twenty to fifty feet deep. Spoons tipped with strip bait or crappie-minnows are good choices. If you want to catch multiple fish at the same time try a Sabiki rig.

Flathead cats will follow feeding schools of perch, so drop a live perch close to the bottom and leave it in a rod holder with the clicker on. Blues and channels cats will feed day and night during June.  Best baits are fresh cut fish, particularly bream, perch and gizzard shad, in addition to chicken parts and stinks baits.   

Tips From Capt. Gus:

Before you hit the lake check to see if your fishing license is current. If not you go to: to renew or purchase for the first time.

See you out there!

Capt. Gus  

Capt. Gus Gustafson of Lake Norman Ventures, Inc. is an Outdoor Columnist and a full time Professional Fishing Guide on Lake Norman, NC. Visit his website at or call 704-617-6812.