The Weathers Hot, But the Fishing’s Not!

The best bet is catfishing at the Cowans Ford Dam after dark and night fishing for bass.

Anglers drifting suspended cut-bait are catching blue cats ranging in size from five to fifteen pounds in the river channel in front of the dam. Flatheads are hitting live-bait near schooling white perch throughout the lake.

Schooling bass are busting the surface around bridges and off river points at dawn and dusk. The bigger bass are a hitting a variety of lures cast near lighted docks, boat ramps, docks and laydowns at night.

Perch are hard to find, but when located, can be tempted to hit Sabiki rigs and live baits fished close to the bottom.

The crappie are deep, with the best bite being at night using lights around bridge pilings.

See ya out there,

Capt. Gus